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It's very important that parents and athletes have the opportunity to interact with coaches and ask any questions they may have. That said, practice/classes is a tough time to do that as coaches work hard to create a lesson plan that has the most effective utilization of time for all athletes. For that reason, we ask that parents set up a time to meet with the owner and/or any team coach outside of regular practice/class times. We're happy to set up an in-person, over the phone or Zoom meeting to best meet your schedule.


That said, many of our coaches are students and have full-time jobs outside of AXA. We do ask parents to refrain from private messaging on facebook or texting our coaches. To establish a healthy work and personal-life boundary, our staff has been asked to direct any inquiries made on their personal social media accounts to the gym's email and/or social media. By doing this, we're able to create a healthy work environment while also responding to your needs efficiently and accurately.  Please refrain from calling or texting anyone on AXA staff after 8:00PM so they can have plenty of rest.

Please refrain from messaging and calling us on every communication device. This slows down response time. We will respond back to within a 24 hour period.  Please click the links below to join our band group and facebook groups. 


All fees are on autopay and will be automatically taken out on the first of every month. We do not accept any cash for any reason. If you would like to write a check you must do so before the 25th or your card on file will be charge.


Client is not entitled to any refund or credit for any part of the membership dues unless otherwise provided for in this Agreement or by law.

Important Dates

​Closures go based on Davis Public Schools

  • Closed: Memorial Day

  • Closed: Spring break

  • Closed: Labor day 

  • Closed Thanksgiving break

  • Closed: December 23-January 1


  • July (TBA): Cheer Clinic

  • Fall: Arbuckle Splash Dash

  • October 26: Cheer Showcase

Please go to this link to look at events

Membership Cancellation

Client may cancel a monthly membership at any time by providing written notice to Cheerleading Facility through a cancellation form found on the Cheerleading Facility website at Memberships require to fill out by the 25th of each month of cancellation unless otherwise provided for in this Agreement or by law. Any regular payments scheduled within the five (5) day cancellation window will process. 

(Example; To pause for the month of July, must fill the form out by June 25th.

Security Cameras

There are security cameras everywhere. Please be respectful and do not touch them. 

Main Gym

  • Any persons who are not background checked, will not be allowed in the main gym unless it is for a parent & tot class, birthday party, or special event. 

  • All athletes/parents need to be barefoot in the main gym. If you wear dirty shoes in the main gym, you will be asked to leave. There are no exceptions. 

  • Absolutely no food or drinks allowed in the main gym. There are cubbies in the lobby for the athletes' things during the duration of their class.

  • Please be respectful of all properties in this gym.

Dropping off/picking up

  • All children under the age of 16 will have to be picked up from the front lobby. No child will be able to walk out of the building without an adult if they are not 16 years old or older. We want to make sure your child is safe at all times.

  • Make sure the gym is open and your child walks in the door before you drive off if you are dropping your child off for class. 


  • In the lobby, children are not to be running, yelling, or touching anything that is not theirs. If they do, you and your child will be asked to leave. 

  • Anyone that is not physically able to walk up the stairs will be allowed to sit and watch through the downstairs window. Any other persons will need to head up to the parent viewing room during the duration of their child’s class.

  • Do not tap on the windows for any reason. If you need your child’s attention, ask the receptionist to get them.

  • Do not congregate in the lobby area for more than 5 minutes as this will block the entryway for athletes coming in and leaving the gym.


  • We offer make-up classes for all programs except cheer teams. 

  • This means that if you miss a class or know you will be missing a class, you can choose a class on a different date/time as long as it is the same level and age group as your child’s current class. 

  • You will be able to go into the parent portal and choose your make-up class. Please do this so that we are prepared with the number of coaches for each class.

  • You pay the same amount regardless if there are 4-5 weeks of classes. So we do not offer makeup classes for christmas break, Thanksgiving break, Spring Break. 


Athletic clothes are required. Proper fitting athletic shoes or barefoot participation is allowed in classes involving tumbling. Athletes should wear proper fitting athletic clothing, girls should wear appropriate fitting sports bras under shirts or tank tops as inverted skills may result in clothing moving. Leotards or other gymnastics style apparel are also appropriate. Clients are not permitted to participate in jeans and/or flip flops.

Copyright Notice

The logo and name of Arbuckle Xtreme Athletics belongs to the owner of the program. No Client may use the Cheerleading Facility's logo for any purpose without the Cheerleading Facility’s written permission. This includes, but is not limited to, using the logo and name for any purpose, affixing the logo or name to any item, or altering the logo in any way. Any violation of this provision may result in termination of membership and potential legal action.

This includes gym name, team names and any likeness to logo, affiliation and/or program without the permission of Arbuckle Xtreme Athletics. Parents, athletes, and/or staff that wish to enter a contest while wearing the AXA brand must first get permission from the owner.

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