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Step 1: Decide on your preferred program

Our Tumbling program is the perfect place to start if you're looking for something fun and challenging for your child.  The goal is to have fun and learn new skills.  Our athletes are always encouraged to set personal goals and work to achieve those goals. 


Our Fundamentals program is for new students who aren’t sure what program they want to focus on. Our focus is to turn your child’s energy into ambition as he or she learns the basic.  Our athletes will learn about the basics of ninja, cheer, tumbling, and fitness.


Our Ninja program is because we know not everyone wants to be a tumbler or cheerleader.  This program is comprised of an obstacle course, gymnastics, challenging activities, and lots of jumping, agility, and strength exercises.


Our toddler program is for our youngest athletes. We focus on independent learning as well as group learning skills. Our safety certified instructors teach the fundamentals of tumbling, core strength, balance, and flexibility.


Our Cheer classes programs have classes that are ran monthly or teams that are ran in sessions/seasons. Our athletes will learn jumps, motions, dance, and stunts.


Our Fitness program is for athletes who want to work and develop their strength, power, muscular endurance, and conditioning. 


We offer different options to help school teams to become the best of their ability. 

Preschool program is for our youngest athletes, we focus on independent learning as well as group learning skills

6 months-5 years olds

Step 2: Get the Class Schedule

Step 3: Sign up

Pick the best day and time for the program you wish to sign up for.

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