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You Registered Now What?

Hello, we are so excited you signed up and joined the AXA family! We are so thrilled to meet you and your child/children at the gym. Below we have three sections for you to read from! The first section is what you need to do before your first day! The second section is different questions, that you might have and the answers that will go with each question. The third section, is thing that you should know.

To do before your first day!

1. Please join our band group! This app is how we keep in contact with everyone. This is how we will tell you if the gym is closed for weather or if we have some kind of activity or event happening in the gym!  Please either scan the qr code or go to the link! Click Here

2. Join our facebook group, Arbuckle Nation. This is our second form of communication! This is another way we will communicate what is happening in the gym. Please either scan the qr code or go to the link! Click Here

3. Make sure you go like and follow our Facebook page. Please either scan the qr code or go to the link! Click Here

4. Please go visit our Pro shop! We have all kinds of items for sale at our pro shop! Please either scan the qr code or go to the link! Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should my child wear and bring on the first day of class?
Wearing proper practice attire is important for the safety of athletes and staff. Practice attire requirements are as follows: A leotard OR athletic wear, such as a t-shirt or tank top and shorts or leggings. Athletes can go barefoot or wear cheer shoes.   Please have long hair pulled back tightly and out of the face. Jewelry is not allowed. Please make sure your child brings a water.

2. Where should I park?  You can park anywhere besides right in front of the gates of the fenced off parking lot and on the concrete spot right in front of our door!

3. Where are we located?  We are located at 205 E Curtis Ave Davis, OK.

4. How long are classes, and do parents need to stay?
Our  parent and tot, and wiggle worm classes are 30 minutes. The rest of our classes are an hour long.  Please feel free to stay and watch in our parent viewing area or drop your child off and go run some errands!

5. What will we do on the first day?  When you spoke to our staff, they likely asked you to come a few minutes early for your child’s first class. We want to make sure it’s a super special day for them.
That means you’ll be able to tour our facility if you haven’t yet and get your child’s picture.

7. What will my child learn at Arbuckle Xtreme Athletics?  We are focused on the whole-person concept. While we know your child is here to learn tumbling, cheer, or ninja warrior skills, we also know you’ve chosen AXA because you believe your child can make friends, get fit and have fun. Additionally, our core values are the #1 thing we want to teach our students.

Important Dates

​Closures go based on Davis Public Schools

  • Closed: Memorial Day

  • Closed: Spring break

  • Closed: Labor day 

  • Closed Thanksgiving break

  • Closed: December 23-January 1


  • October 28, 2023: Cheer Showcase

  • May: End of Summer Bash

  • Aug: Back to School Bash

  • December: Christmas party

  • Parent Night Outs

  • Clinics

Please go to this link to look at events

Things to Know

1.  Checking In: When you come into the gym, your child must check in. To do this, you will go up to the ipad and type in your primary phone that you put in when you enrolled. From there you click which class you are checking your child into, click check in and then it shows a new page that says I’m finished. Please ask the receptionist if you need assistance.

2. Leaving: All children under the age of 16 will have to be picked up from the front lobby. No child will be able to walk out of the building without an adult if they are not 16 years old or older. We want to make sure your child is safe at all times.

3. Cancel Membership:   In order to cancel or pause your membership, you must go and fill out a form by the 25th of the month you want to cancel. If you fill it out the 26th or after you will still be charged for the next month. Messaging or calling does not suffice in place of the form. You must fill in the form to have your account paused. ​(Example; To pause for the month of July, must fill the form out by June 25th.)

4. To enroll in a different class: To enroll, either scan the QR code below or go to this link and enroll them through the parent portal.

5. Lobby:  

  • In the lobby, children are not to be running, yelling, or touching anything that is not theirs. If they do, you and your child will be asked to leave. 

  • Anyone that is not physically able to walk up the stairs will be allowed to sit and watch through the downstairs window. Any other persons will need to head up to the parent viewing room during the duration of their child’s class.

  • Do not tap on the windows for any reason. If you need your child’s attention, ask the receptionist to get them.

  • Do not congregate in the lobby area for more than 5 minutes as this will block the entryway for athletes coming in and leaving the gym.

7. Main Gym: 

  • Any persons who are not background checked, will not be allowed in the main gym unless it is for a parent & tot class, birthday party, or special event. 

  • All athletes/parents need to wear clean tennis shoes, or cheer shoes in the main gym. If you wear dirty shoes in the main gym, you will be asked to leave. There are no exceptions. 

  • Absolutely no food or drinks allowed in the main gym. There are cubbies in the lobby for the athletes' things during the duration of their class.

  • Please be respectful of all properties in this gym.

8. Security Cameras: There are security cameras everywhere. Please be respectful and do not touch them.

9. Communication:

  • In order to get the most up to date information please join our all members chat in the app called BAND. You will need to allow for push notifications. 

  • We also have a Facebook group, Arbuckle Nation.

  • We also have a Facebook page, Arbuckle Xtreme Athletics.

  • If you are interested in competition cheer, please join our competition cheer interest band group!

10. Parent Viewing:

  • We do have a parent viewing area with chairs so that you can sit and watch your child from the windows during the duration of their class. 

  • There will be a keurig machine in the parent viewing room. Make sure to clean up after yourself when using it. 

  • When you leave, please make sure you pick up your trash.

  • Again, do not tap on the windows for any reason. If you need your child’s attention, ask the receptionist to get them. 

  • Be respectful of this space so that we can continue to have it.

11. Make up Classes:

  • We offer make-up classes. 

  • This means that if you miss a class or know you will be missing a class, you can choose a class on a different date/time as long as it is the same level and age group as your child’s current class. 

  • You will be able to go into the parent portal and choose your make-up class. Please do this so that we are prepared with the number of coaches for each class.

12. What we offer: 

Tumbling Classes for all ages 18 months-18 years old

Ninja for ages 3-14 years old

Fitness for ages 6 and up

Recreational and Competition Cheer for ages 3-18 years old

School and Little League Cheer teams, clinics, camps, choreography, and gym rental

Birthday Parties

Field Trips

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