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Body Wise Fitness

We are excited to have a partnership with Body Wise Fitness!

Body Wise Fitness offers kickboxing and self-defense classes at our facility! If you want more information please call or text Katie at 580-504-4700, or check out their facebook page. 


Body Wise Fitness offers 11 different class times for kickboxing throughout the week.

Your first class is free. You can buy gloves for $40. 

Drop in class

$15 a class

Unlimited Membership

$85 a month

To get signed up for your FIRST class just click the link to the side! Once you are signed up you can go to the schedule to choose the class you’d like to attend. Registration for each class opens 24 hours before the class begins, and closes one hour before class starts. If you miss registration or have any trouble just send us a message! We are here to help and look forward to meeting you!


Self-defense is not a martial arts program, this is empowerment and self defense through situational awareness, boundary setting, and easy to learn skills using gross motor movements that will be able to recall and perform.

Self-defense classes are done either as a private lesson or events.  When events are scheduled we will post them here.


May 18th 9:00-12:00

Cost: $75/person

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